September 23, 2020


As already indicated in the title above, this page is all about UNILAG Hostel Balloting for 2019/2020.

Ever since the admission lists were released, we have been inundated with phone calls from newly admitted students who have been asking “What is UNILAG Hostel Balloting all about and How do I Get a Hostel inside the school?”

Even returning students have been calling to ask about the date for UNILAG Hostel Balloting.

It is against this background that we deemed it necessary to create this page so as to provide you with all you need to know about UNILAG Hostel Balloting for 2019/2020.

So, be rest assured that with the information on this page, you will definitely secure your bedspace in UNILAG Hostel.

Facts You Need To Know About UNILAG Hostel

UNILAG Hostels are not sufficient to accommodate all the students.

To secure a bedspace in this Hostels you’ll partake in an online exercise called *BALLOTING* . Which is indirectly the survival of the fittest story, that is, not everyone will get a space, it’s not a first come first serve service. It’s only depend on your technical ability to beat traffic network.

So if you don’t have the technical skills and tricks to beat traffic network, you might not be ballot properly and secure a bedspace for yourself.

Why Is It Difficult

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