August 11, 2020

Good News! You Can Now Join The Best UNILAG Postgraduate Tutorials That Guarantee Admission For Just 20k

Do you really Desire to pass UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance exams, and be among the 9,000 candidates that would be admitted into UNILAG School of Postgraduate Studies For 2020/2021 Academic Session? If yes, then…

…Enroll in Vasaskills Tutorials For UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam And Be Able To Score A Minimum of 71% Point That Exceeds Admission Cut-Off Mark For Your Course And Guarantees Your Admission

Wondering if that is possible? Well, you are not alone in this. That was how most of our students also reacted until they achieved the following results below:


Now, let me ask you this simple question: Do you really desire to have this kind of result in the forth coming entrance exam? If yes, then read this article to the end as I will not only show you how our students achieved these results, but also how joining Vasaskills Tutorials can help you to:

  • Know The Exact Topics To Study
  • Get Access To The Right Study Materials
  • Be Taught By Seasoned Lecturers in Your Course
  • ‘Know’ Likely Questions With 70% Accuracy
  • Accelerate Your Questions Solving Speed By Over 85%
  • Know How To Score At Least 70/100 And Get Admitted

You might be wondering who are we and what makes us qualified to even to talk to you about tutorial. Well, before I continue let me quickly introduce… 

Who we are and why we are rated the best tutorial centre for UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exams.

Vasaskills Institue is a bespoke tutorial centre for UNILAG Postgraduate Programmes. It was established by three academics who are currently doing their PhD Programmes in UNILAG. According to Statistics from UNILAG Postgraduate School, over 20,000 candidates compete for the 9,000 admission capacity of the school every academic session. So Vasaskills is not only here to prepare you for this competition, but to also ensure you successfully gain admission.

Over the years, we have discovered that one of the problems with so many tutorial centres is that many candidates fail UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam even after attending their tutorials.

Now, the question you might be asking is…

Why Were Those Candidates Failing UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam Even After Attending Their Tutorials? Here Are the Answers:

  • Those tutorial centres run combine classes without considering the uniqueness of each course, the educational needs and IQ level of each candidate.
  • They do not specialize in UNILAG Postgraduate Tutorials. In fact they were originally designed for JAMB, WAEC, GCE, NECO, & Post UTME Exams. So Postgraduate Tutorial is too advanced for them
  • Most of the owners/managers of those tutorial centres are not academics, but business men whose motive is profiteering. So they go for cheap teachers that lack pedagogical skills to impact

In order not to be associated with these same problems, we decided to take a radical departure from the conventional pattern of running tutorial centres.

We did this by ensuring that WE HAVE:

  • Specialists in UNIAG Postgraduate Admission
  • Seasoned Lecturers With Pedagogical Skills
  • Class For Each Course
  • Conducive Learning Environment

Meet One of Our Lecturers

Vincent Nwankpa is PhD Student in Department of
Finance, University of Lagos. With over 2 decades
of experience in lecturing, he has written books in
Mathematics and Accounting.
He is the Publisher/CEO, Premium Publishers, and
Lectures Finance and Accounting in Vasaskills

Here is Another Vasaskills Institute Lecturer In Action

Our Masterclass Tutorial is rated best in the industry because we have consistently maintained an average of 98.79% success rate over the years. If you doubt me then confirm from Google by searching for: Best Tutorial Centre For UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exams.

Did you see the answer. Well here is the answer from Google:


Our Average Success Rate has earned us positive reviews and awards as the best tutorial centre for UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam.

All these achievements were not by mere wishful thinking, nor by luck. Rather, we were able to attain them because of our determination to solve the problem of failure in UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance Exam.

Here Are What You Gain From Joining The Tutorial Classes

  1. Access To Syllabus That Helps You To Know Exactly What To Study
  2. 60 Hours Lectures That Cover The Topics in The Syllabus
  3. Questions Bank That Contains All Questions That Can Be Asked in Your Course
  4. Comprehensive Handouts and Other Study Materials Comprising of PDF files, Video & Audio
  5. Simple Memorization Tricks That Accelerate Your Rate of Assimilation.
  6. Access To Online CBT Practice Software That Helps You To Prepare For The Online Entrance Exam
  7. Membership of WhatsApp Group Chats That Connects You With Other Candidates
  8. Prediction on Most Likely Questions That Will Be Out With At Least 70% Accuracy
  9. We Will Monitor Your Result and Do The Necessary Follow-Up To Secure Your Admission

Here Are Testimonies From Our Ex Students


How Much Is The Tutorial Fees?

The tutorial fee has been slashed to just N20,000 only for the following courses:

  1. Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Master of Science in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management (IRPM)
  3. Master of Science in Marketing
  4. Master of Science in Economics
  5. Master of Science in Political Science
  6. Master of Public and International Affairs (MPIA)
  7. Master of International Law and Diplomacy (MILD)
  8. Master of Diplomacy and Strategic Studies (MDSS)
  9. Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  10. Master of Risk Management
  11. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  12. Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Communication and Navigation
  13. Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Administration and Management
  14. Master of Art in English Language
  15. Master of Art in English Literature

For other courses that are not listed here, click here to check their tutorial fees

Note that there are both physical classes and Online Classes

VENUE: Inside and Outside UNILAG Campus for Physical class, while Online Class Takes place via ZOOM

LECTURE DAYS: Every Saturday

TIME: 10:30am to 4:00pm

Let me ask you again: Do you really Desire to pass UNILAG Postgraduate Entrance exams, and be among the 9,000 candidates that would be admitted into UNILAG School of Postgraduate Studies For 2020/2021 Academic Session? If yes, then…

Join Us This Saturday for Either Physical Class or Online Class

Call  07063746706 for more enquiries.

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