September 23, 2020

Common Errors to Avoid in Choosing UNILAG Postgraduate Course

Are you planning to enroll for Postgraduate (PGD, Masters, MBA,) programme in UNILAG? Then you need to read this before you finally choose a course to study.

Highlighted below are some of the common errors to avoid in choosing a UNILAG Postgraduate Course. For easy navigation, you can jump to a particular topic by clicking on it.

Misconception of the Nature of Part Time and Full Time Programmes in UNILAG Postgraduate School

There is a gross misconception of the nature of full time and part time programme in UNILAG Postgraduate school. Most candidates erroneously belief that all part time courses in UNILAG Postgraduate school are weekend classes.

In the same vein, some candidates have been mislead to belief that full time classes take place from Monday to Friday starting in the morning.

The implication of this misconception is that those working-class candidates who would have opted for full time ended up going for part time with the attendant consequences of paying more school fees and waiting for extra one year before graduating, yet, they attend weekday classes just like their full time counterpart.

The truth is that most of UNILAG part time classes take place on weekdays just like their full time counterpart. The only difference is that part time classes start from 5:00pm in the evening while full time classes can be scheduled anytime (morning included).

It is an incontrovertible facts that most of the candidates that go for full time programme are also working-class. Due to the flexibility of lecture timetable, they usually schedule lectures for only 2-3 days of the week.

In fact, i know people that didn’t attend class during my set, yet, they graduated with good results. Here is how they did it: they have friends that help them to sign attendance when necessary and get every detail of every lecture each day via WhatsApp group chat.

By so doing, there was a balance between work and school.

Absence of Genuine Information on the Rigorous Nature of the Course in UNILAG Postgraduate School

Most candidates are ignorant of the demanding nature of some of the courses in UNILAG Postgraduate School. They only realize that when they have already been admitted, and by that time, it is too late to change to another course.

I have been inundated with phone calls from some of the newly admitted students who are asking me if it is possible for them to change to another course simply because the demanding nature of the course is beyond their expectation.

Please, before you opt in for a particular course, ask questions most especially from those who are currently studying the course or from those who have already graduated.

That will help you in choosing your course and also help you to know what to expect when you are eventually admitted.

Ignorance of the Specific Admission Requirements for the Course

The truth is that most of the UNILAG Postgraduate Admission Requirements on the internet are general requirements for postgraduate, not the specific requirement for a course.

That is why there are countless cases of candidates who were NOT able to gain UNILAG Postgraduate Admission simply because they did not meet the specific requirements for the course. In other words, they were not supposed to even apply for the course because they don’t have the requirements.

Unfortunately, they relied on the fake ‘requirements’ they either stumbled upon online or given by those who are after the money they will make from them.

This is a serious matter, and that is why I and my team members have are here to provide you with the specific requirement for each course. Kindly use the comment section below to ask for the specific admission requirements for your course if you are not too sure.

Please ensure you know the specific requirement for the course you want to apply for in the 2019/2020 UNILAG Postgraduate Admission.

Not Knowing the Admission Capacity Vs The Number of Candidates That Usually Apply for the Course

Another common error to avoid is not knowing the admission capacity vs the number of candidates that usually apply for the course you have chosen.

The truth is that a knowledge of this information will help you to ascertain your chance of being admitted into a course and also guide you in making informed decision.

Unfortunately, such data are not available online. However, has painstaking carried out a research and came out with the admission capacity vs the number of candidates that usually apply for each course in UNILAG Postgraduate School.

Lack of Authentic Information on the Cut Off Mark of the Course

Do you know the cut off mark for the course you want to apply for? It is important to know the cut off mark so that you will know the score you are expected to have for you to be admitted into that course.

Some courses have low cut off mark and others have high cut off mark. You can be admitted into some courses with just 40% score. However, 60% score cannot grant you admission into some courses.

Ignorance of the Difference Between a Professional Masters and Academic Masters

Do you know that among the list of courses in UNILAG Postgraduate School, there are professional masters and there are academic masters?

Do you know that there is a difference between academic masters and professional masters?

Do you know whether the course you want to apply for is a professional master or academic master?

The truth is that most candidates that apply for UNILAG Postgraduate Admission don’t know as there are cases of people who could not further to Ph.D simply because their Master Degree is a professional master.

Please note that there are professional masters and academic masters. Professional masters are only relevant in workplace, hence, you can’t use them to further to PhD.

Meanwhile, academic masters are relevant in both academia and employment. In other words, academic masters can be used to further to PhD and also relevant in workplace.

Check out the list of UNILAG Postgraduate Courses to see whether your choice of course is academic or professional master.

Not knowing the Real Tuition Fee for the Course

There are some courses in UNILAG with peculiar school fees. Unfortunately most of the information available online concerning UNILAG Postgraduate School Fees do not reflect the reality on ground.

Recently, one of the newly admitted candidates for 2018/2019 session, requested for deferment because the real school fees is beyond both his expectation and financial capacity.

So ensure you verify the school fees for the course you want to apply for admission before finally deciding.

Kindly check the breakdown of the school fees for each course in UNILAG School of Postgraduate Studies.

Summary and Conclusion

In conclusion, ensure you verify the followings before you opt in for a course in UNILAG Postgraduate programme:

  • The Nature of Part Time and Full Time Programme in UNILAG Postgraduate School
  • How rigorous is the Nature of the Course You want to apply for admission
  • The specific admission requirements for the course you want to apply for admission
  • Admission Capacity Vs the Number of Candidates That Usually Apply for UNILAG Postgraduate Courses
  • UNILAG Postgraduate Cut Off Marks for Each Course
  • Professional Masters in UNILAG and the Difference Between Them and Academic Masters
  • UNILAG Postgraduate School Fees for Each Course

6 thoughts on “Common Errors to Avoid in Choosing UNILAG Postgraduate Course

  1. Insightful. I’d like to do my masters in Biomedical Engineering
    I have a 2.1 in Prosthesis and Orthopedic technology. Do I need to do postgraduate studies first?

  2. Please Sir, I’ll like to enrol for masters (part time) in Public & International Affairs (MPIA), can I know what the requirements are, exact fees involved as well as when the form is coming out. Thank you.

    1. In respect of the requirements, the course is open to a bachelor degree holder in any discipline.

      The school fees is N225k

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